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Welcome to the website of the DawNLITE project!

DawNLITE stands for Daw Natural-Language-based Image Transmoding Engine. The project's aim is building a software that transforms a (large) image to a video that shows relevant regions of the image and that's nicer to watch on a mobile device than the original image. The very special feature of our approach is incorporating natural language analysis features so that the video's script follows a text that describes the image, such as a museum caption. The text will be transformed to synthetic speech that is delivered to the user along with the video, and the video is arranged synchronized to the audio, meaning that things are shown when you hear the synthetic voice mention them.

While the website is growing, feel free to learn more about DawNLITE, explore the showcase, or check out the facts on the sourceforge project summary. Questions and comments are always welcome.


Until the project team page is up, this is the place for a special thanks to Cyril Concolato and Jean Le Feuvre of TÉLÉCOM ParisTech for their great assistance in this project.

This work is supported by the NoE InterMedia funded by the European Commission (NoE 038419).