News -- DawNLITE

16 December 2009

With two successful DawNLITE-related presentations (3rd review of the NoE InterMedia, 10-11 Nov in Brussels; UCMedia 2009 UCMedia 2009, 9-11 Dec in Venice) recently passed and some human-resources-related changes in the project's surroundings coming up, it is time for the migration of DawNLITE home to to set the project up for its long-term future, including the release of source code. Adaptation of the website to the new environment might need some polishing during the next weeks.

29 September 2009

Updated overview section.

In other news, we are happy to announce that our (Bernhard Reiterer, Cyril Concolato, Hermann Hellwagner) DawNLITE-based paper titled "Natural-Language-based Conversion of Images to Mobile Multimedia Experiences" was accepted for UCMedia 2009, held in December in Venice, Italy.

Not totally unrelated, upcoming plans include a few new nice showcase examples and the addition of a publications section.

21 August 2009

Added new example to Showcase, illustrating subtitles.

Animation files of examples are now pointing to image files on the web (as far as available), so you can use them as they are.

23 July 2009

Added Overview section.

15 July 2009

Website started (though still under heavy construction, have mercy! :-) )